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MacBook Pro Repair

Apple MacBook Pro Repair services. LaptopTechs is a London based repair service provider for comprehensive macbook pro repair and maintenance macbook pro repair Our Apple certified technicians can troubleshoot, repair, upgrade and solve complex hardware and can carry out Apple MacBook Pro repair for all models including MacBook Pro refresh of the 13-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch laptops which has new features such as Sandy Bridge second-generation Core i-series processors and a Thunderbolt port.

MacBook Pro Repair London

MacBook Pro Repair London!  We also fix the 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro that has dual core Intel Core i5 processor, gone from a 2.3GHz to a 2.4GHz chip with bigger hard drive of 320GB to 500GB, and the higher-end version from 500GB to 750GB with Hard drive at 5,400 rpm. We are reliable macbook pro repair London company offering dependable apple macbook pro repair and upgrade services at affordable rates. Our members of staff have technical experience and training required to diagnose and carry out a fast and professional apple macbook pro repair and maintenance services.

Some of the common MacBook Pro laptop issues we deal with include;

  • cracked or damaged screen / glass,
  • distorted video or scrambled video,
  • MacBook Pro won’t power on / won't turn on,
  • repeated kernel panics, Trackpad becomes unresponsive,
  • intermittent black screen / no video issues,
  • laptop freezes at unexpected times,
  • issues with video on internal or external displays,
  • MacBook Pro sleep problems,
  • notebook's display has no picture,
  • NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics processor failure,
  • MacBook Pro logic board failure,
  • laptop stop responding during startup,
  • built-in iSight camera not working,
  • SuperDrive not working properly,
  • MacBook Pro notebook overheating,
  • MacBook Pro solid state drive (SSD) upgrade,
  • MacBook Pro keyboard replacement,
  • broken laptop casing, noisy fan problems,
  • bad RAM slots and wireless network connection issues

London MacBook Pro Repair

If you are looking for cost-effective london macbook pro repair services, our technicians are familiar with all kinds of issues with Apple MacBook Pro laptop. We don’t just provide low cost apple macbook pro repair for residential customers and business clients in and around London, but also employ apple certified and dedicated team of experienced hardware engineers and trained technicians; who can handle any repair job on all models of macbook pro laptops. Call our dedicated London macbook pro repair team for your entire repair and upgrade requirements.

MacBook Pro Laptop Repair

We are one of the leading Apple MacBook Pro laptop repair store in Central London. We service and upgrade all models of apple notebook computers including;

  • macbook pro repair screen
  • repair macbook pro trackpad
  • MacBook Pro Unibody Repair
  • macbook pro latch repair
  • macbook pro hinge repair
  • macbook pro screen hinge repair
  • macbook pro water damage repair
  • MacBook Pro Liquid Damage Repair
  • fix water damage on MacBook Pro
  • macbook pro keyboard repair
  • macbook pro logic board repair
  • 13 unibody macbook pro repairs
  • MacBook Pro Screen Repair

London MacBook Pro Repair and Support

If you require fast and same day apple mac repair services in and around London, call us, we can arrange professional courier pick up services for those who cannot bring their faulty apple mac notebook pc to our repair centre. Call our specialist london apple mac repair and upgrade services at 020 7820 0009 or e-mail us at