Laptop Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would we choose LaptopTechs instead of other service center?

A: Choosing the LaptopTechs helps you in fetching good quality of service in best turn around time. A pool of technical experts here pays full attention on your product from its receiving till its delivering. High product testing & better warranty policy. Offers and discounts will be provided other than services to enjoy your

Q: How can I rely upon LaptopTechs?/ I cannot give my Laptop to you. ?

A: We have a specialized team of service engineers who will work on your laptop. Our products, spares and accessories have been sourced from the best possible sources worldwide. Good quality products, really beneficial offers, low prices, free pickup & delivery are some of the services which will definitely help us to serve you better.

Q: What about the servicing and warranty?

A: Servicing and the warranty policy of LaptopTechs vitalize your product's functionality. Products here enjoy the full technical support from adequate servicing through technical expert's hands. Warranty period of 30 days from LaptopTechs and product warranty as mentioned provides high quality of servicing. LaptopTechs ensures while in servicing and warranty a product will be in the safe hands of experts at present and for future as well.

Q: Is my data safe with you?

A: Your data is 100% safe with us.We are a professional organization with over 7 drop centres all London and surrounding areas. We work with a specialized and dedicated team of professionals. The entire activity is closely monitored so as to ensure data secrecy. Data is always safe & confidential with us but we don't take any liability for the loss of data so it is always better to take back up of data

Q: Do you provide on-site services?

A: Yes. We also provide you free pick-up and delivery facility. Our workshop is well equipped with state-of- the-art tools and equipments and trained engineers, who will take care of your Laptop

Q: How much time will it take?

A: Once we receive the Laptop, our engineers will do a thorough inspection on it and will provide you with the update and estimate. Once we receive the approval from your side we will let you know the exact delivery date.

Q: Do you service all brands of Laptops?

A: Yes. LaptopTechs being the Laptop service specialist provides service for almost all popular makes and model of Laptop

Q: Are you present across UK?

A: No, But you can sent your laptop to us from anywhere accross the UK

Q: How are you different from other repairing centres ?

A: The first and foremost point which differ us from other repairing centres is our Professionalism. Also, we use cutting edge technology and have a technical expertise Team.

Q: Do you provide a free pickup and delivery service?

A: Yes. We DO provide pickup and delivery servic. However, It depends upon the distance and size of order placed. Please contact our store personnel for guidance regarding this.

Q: Can I get new accessories for my laptop?

A: We have wide range of laptop accessories to provide with. For more information please refer to our products section


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OPEN: 8:00AM to 07:00PM

39 Tower Bridge Road
Phone: 020 7403 5150
Mobile: 079 8351 1940

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