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Laptop graphics card repair

LaptopTechs offers specialist laptop graphics card repair and replacement services to residential users and business around London and users nationwide.Laptop graphics card repair As many users have experienced, some laptop computer graphics processors and chipsets overheat or fail to function properly. Can you replace graphics cards in laptops? In most laptops the graphics chip is soldered to the motherboard. The overheating of the graphics chip causes the connections to be become loose. The graphics chip repair process used in this case is to replace or solder the chip back onto the motherboard. How much does it cost to replace a video card in a laptop? Our laptop video card repair and replacement is affordable. If your laptop graphics chip faulty, the best solution would be changing graphics card in your laptop.

Laptop Video Card Repair London

We provide laptop graphics card repair and replacement services in all notebook computers including;

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  • Laptop Video card repair london
  • sony laptop graphics card replacement
  • dell laptop video card replacement
  • acer laptop video card replacement
  • hp laptop video card replacement
  • asus laptop graphic card repair
  • Dell Inspiron graphics card upgrade
  • Dell XPS video card replacement
  • sony vaio graphics card replacement
  • Dell Inspiron graphics card upgrade
  • toshiba satellite graphics card upgrade
  • macBook Pro Graphics Card Repair
  • MacBook Pro NVIDIA Graphics Repair

Laptop NVIDIA Graphics Card Repair

Can we repair nvidia graphic cards? The latest greatest games can make even a resent computer sluggish. That is because today’s state-of-the-art computer games are the most demanding applications. They need a lot of memory, processing power and graphics power to display those detailed fast moving screen graphics.

Whether you are watching playing games, editing photos or watching a video, you will always need a faster graphics processor. If your laptop graphics card is experiencing problems such as graphics processors and chipsets overheat, then you need laptop graphics repair or replacement. In the case of the graphic chip set manufactured by NVIDIA certain notebook configurations with NVIDIA GPUs with a certain die/packaging material set have failed much more than other chip sets. You might also experience graphic problems due to a bad video chip on your laptop motherboard.

We provide reliable video card repair services that are cost-effective. Depending on the problem and the types of video card, we aim at providing reliable video card repair services. We can troubleshoot, repair and upgrade ATI, nVidia and Intel graphics chip on almost all make and model of laptop. If your laptop is showing symptoms such as multiple images, distorted or scrambled video or no video, please bring in your defective notebook computer to our repair centre for quick diagnosis and professional repair services.

UK NVIDIA graphics card repair Repair

LaptopTechs, a London based computer repair company, is your best answer for all your laptop Graphics card repair and NVIDIA graphics card repair needs in the UK. We rework the NVIDIA GPU area on the laptop motherboard and perform specialist reflow services to the Nvidia graphics chip with advanced BGA rework equipment. To find out more about our expert, cost effective and affordable laptop graphics card repair and upgrade, desktop PC repair and other services we offer, call our London repair centre on 020 7820 0009 or e-mail us at