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» Dell Precision Motherboard Repair

Dell Precision Motherboard Repair / Replacement

LaptopTechs is one the leading Dell laptop repair companies in London,Dell Precision Motherboard Repair offering Dell Precision motherboard repair and replacement services. We employ highly experienced technicians with vast knowledge of Dell laptop and desktop computers. We carry out and resolve almost all Dell laptop motherboard problems. We can quickly troubleshoot and fix or replace faulty motherboards for all makes and models of the Dell Precision series.

  • Dell Precision M20
  • Dell Precision M2300
  • Dell Precision M2400
  • Dell Precision M40
  • Dell Precision M4800
  • Dell Precision M4300
  • Dell Precision M4400
  • Dell Precision M4600

Accidental damage or overheating can cause hardware components such as Integrated Circuits, DC Power Jack or Chipset of a Dell Precision motherboard or even the whole motherboard to stop functioning properly. Technicians at LaptopTechs deal with all kinds of component level motherboard failures as part of Dell Precision motherboard repair and replacement services.

Dell Precision Motherboard Accidental Damage Repair

Accidental damage can be caused by electric surges, drops or liquid spills (tea, beer, soda, coffee, water) at work or at home. Whether your laptop computer is used in a classroom, a hospital, on the road or in an office, accidents are bound to happen. The components of the motherboard and internal connections can be easily damaged if a Dell Precision laptop has been dropped. A liquid spill can also cause extensive corrosion to the motherboard. Whether you dropped or a drink is spilled on your laptop, you can count on LaptopTechs expertise to get your laptop up and running to full speed.

Dell Precision Motherboard overheating Repair

One of the most common issues with laptops is overheating, particularly older laptops. Overheating laptops can cause a lot of issues, from random blue screens to data loss. Resource demanding applications and high-performance graphics cards used in Dell precision laptop models can also cause Dell precision to overheat . After prolonged use, the graphics chipset or graphics processors can disconnect from the motherboard. Our technicians can troubleshoot and resolder the graphics card and connections on the motherboard.

Dell Precision Motherboard Power Connector Repair

Is your power connection loose, broken laptop power plug? A faulty power connector can cause intermittent failure, resulting to poor battery charging; can even prevent your dell laptop from starting. At LaptopTechs we replace defective Dell Precision power connector fast and economically if is accidentally damaged.

Expert Dell Precision Motherboard Repair and Replacement Service

At LaptopTechs, we troubleshoot, repair and replace components on the motherboard. Our technician provide motherboard level laptop repairs and are highly skilled and trained for the repair of components on the motherboard which is a economical alternative than replacing the whole motherboard.

  • Dell Precision processor fan failure
  • Dell Precision power connector failure
  • Failure of the graphics chipset or video card
  • Horizontal or vertical lines
  • Bios password is not recognised
  • Problems with external devices
  • 3 beeps sound (before the bios screen is displayed)
  • Dell Precision Laptop screen stays black (black screen display)
  • Distorted or scrambled video
  • Blue Screen of Death
  • No video display on the notebook screen (or external display)
  • Checksum error on start-up
  • Dell Precision Randomly rebooting and shut down
  • Dell Precision DC power jack issues
  • Dell Precision laptop overheating issues

Our workshop in London is fitted with high-tech advanced BGA equipment and rework stations for troubleshooting and repairing laptop display and video problems caused by graphics chipset or graphics processors on ATI and Intel motherboard. This allows our technicians to quickly and proficiently provide Dell Precision motherboard repair and replacement services. We troubleshoot and fix all dell precision motherboard components including graphics cards, DC power jacks and motherboards.

If you are facing a Dell Precision motherboard failure, consult our Dell Precision motherboard repair and replacement service team on 020 7820 0009 or send your queries to